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Home Interior During Self Isolation

We have had time to rethink our way of life and re-examine our living conditions as the second wave of corona begins to rise across the country and life returns to another 'normal' form. A new culture requires that most of us spend more time at home .Digitization, while necessary in these unprecedented times, binds more people in their homes, and the interior designs of our homes should now, more than ever, rely on building peace and health. Our homes became electronic venues for teleconferencing and social media communication, in addition to our usual "home" behavior, thanks to popular apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix, and Facebook.

Electronic innovation is changing our way of life by enabling us to participate in a variety of careers such as technology, education, family health, health care, politics and religion. Our living rooms have become expanded workplaces, and our changing dietary habits have transformed the kitchen into a family meeting place. As a result, the focus is on residential construction, with the aim of renovating obsolete interiors or redesigning homes to make them more efficient. As the outside world brings fear and anxiety into our homes, we should turn our homes into places of sustainable peace and quiet and our solitude into a worthwhile holiday. Letting natural sunlight into our home is one of the best tips for isolation because about 24% of people are infected with the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and having sunlight lilting our rooms helps reduce the chances. Another way to open our home is to redecorate. Now that we have time to redesign, repaint, and clean, using bright colors in our homes, from furniture to walls, it can open spaces and make them look bigger and easier. Given that this situation may be temporary, it would be wise to keep our home tidy and open so that we do not become overwhelmed by claustrophobia.

When we cannot walk, we must make sure that we are comfortable in our homes; make sure we are happy and comfortable in the rooms we will be using for the next few months! Interior designs of our place stimulate one’s emotions and mood. What we need is a place to calm our tensions and live without any worries.

To zone out the space connecting man-made structures to nature we need to add some plants, anything from cactus to lemon tree can help open our home and make us forget that we are not outside. There are hundreds of plants ready to live indoors, and they do not have to be simple orchids; we can have lemon trees, olives, succulent, and much more, only the correct information about them is to be known. While it may seem like a small adjustment, the tones and colors of our home’s lighting will greatly help us think and help us feel more comfortable and secure. Playing with our tones instead of using a bright white light; the low orange tone in our light will make our room feel beautiful and cool. Let’s face it, looking at colorful lights and fairy tales can be extremely comfortable and always make our home look better and more peaceful. Colors can have a profound effect on art. It should not be dull until we fall asleep, but it should also not be too bright until we are disturbed - somewhere in the middle is fine.

Shades of blue or yellow, in general, are excellent for enhancing efficiency. Blue texture and flowing lines, based on the water theme, and instills a sense of peace associated with water symbols. It naturally enhances the interior with aesthetics such as the splendor of the home, while serving as a refuge and a place to celebrate. We try to highlight how the interior structures show unity in this time of crisis; we offer psychological security advice, community support, and dealing with Covid-19 in the hope that our shared experiences will bring the industry closer. Our art has flourished, and we have built one of our best works, perhaps for the sake of descent, perhaps as a means of escape, or perhaps as a zeal for trying hard to achieve the expectations of our customers. The immersive art process that emerges from this will be one of endless memories of this era, and how it has re-introduced us all to our common love driving the RUSBM STUDIO.

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