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RUSBM (Re-Thinking Urban Sustainable Built Masses) Studio was founded in 2017 by Riyazul Samad Binmohammad, to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all and to make this planet a better place not only for us but for generations to come.

We have been working on the principle of building spaces designed to limit the adverse impact on nature and support the psychological needs of our clients. We believe in being at the forefront of the latest trends and we are committed to providing our clients with modern, creative, and sustainable solutions for their needs. Our sustainable approach to design and construction encompasses all aspects of processes because we believe in customer first and offer our expert guidance throughout the entire process.

Help The Urban poor

We started with the intention of serving the urban poor by providing free architectural consulting so they can approach architects to build their dreams. We provide free advice to various slum dwellers for the betterment of society through CSR funds received through many organizations whose goal is to provide them with a place they can call home.

So far it has helped 28 slum dwellers to improve their homes, around 100 families reorganized the design of their houses to make them more spacious, functional, and efficient.

For corporate, by donating their CSR funds not only they are helping underprivileged people but also helping the country and its infrastructure usher into a new era. Our practices are 100% transparent, to know more about the CSR initiative and donate to us

For CSR donation

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