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Sumit Paul Farmhouse,

Modern farmhouse design in midst of greenery for our client from Dehradun, Sumit Paul. This design is a net zero house that is both ecologically beneficial and long-lasting. The total plot area is 9715 square feet in that we have included two electric car parking spaces in front of the house and a small garden on the right side for plantings as one enters from the front gate. On the left side of the property, we've created a lawn that can be used for recreational as well as social purposes. Between the exterior walls and the residential structure, there is plenty of open area. The porch or lounge space has been designed to exclude the sun from the south and provide family with a shady, peaceful environment.
On the second storey, there is a terrace with 3400kWh solar panels that produce electricity throughout the year. There is also enough space to walk or explore the surrounding region from the house top. We have designed an inbuilt rainwater harvesting plant of a capacity of 2 Lakh liters with an underground tank. It features a natural filtering system with gravel, sand, and charcoal to meet the clean water requirement throughout the year.

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