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Adaptive Reuse of Jhotwara Industrial Area, Jaipur

We mapped the Jhotwara industrial area it into 3 categories A,B and C, in which we segregated the highly plotted area into A, normal pollutant in B and perishable pollutant area into C. According to the segregation we suggested to shut down the area - A, and area - B was suggested the changes ti reduce the pollution levels and in the area - C, we asked them to continue operating the area with some minor changes.
In the area A we surveyed the area within the 5 kilometers and identified the infrastructure which that area was lacking like school, post office , hospitals and many more and constructed these required buildings with compulsory rain harvesting system roof top photovoltaic panels to enhance the sustainability and renewability rating of the area. With that we were able to successfully increase the ground water level of the area by 32ft in 3 years of time.

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